Sakoo Financial Services

SAKOO, as a leading company has started its cooperation with foreign companies in Dam and Power plant Sector, in the form of international contracts, through EPCF cooperation model from the year 2000. Preparation of contractual documents (Fidic) and follow-up the measures related to the financing had been the main SAKOO's activities from its start-up in this sector.
Despite all the problems and obstacle in its way, SAKOO, as the Client's Consultant in signing international cooperation agreement, following them up and performing all the procedures related to financing from national and international authorities, could be successful in signing two significant contract in the last15 years.

SAKOO has continuously maintained its place in engineering market through cooperation with its strategic German and Chinese partners and done its best in promoting the level of services in this sector. A decade of experience at international level has made SAKOO to be able to remove the distances and differences between east and west model of engineering and Iran engineering and has been recognized as an expert and trusted consulting engineers among its partners.
Therefore, preparing reports; economic assessment of the projects, conducting their technical and commercial feasibility after reviewing all the ,work aspects and applying the value engineering are SAKOO's expertise.