Sakoo Groups Services
1. Conceptual Design 11. Contractual Services (Negotitions & Documents)
2. Feasibility Studies 12. Procurements
3. Basic & Detail Design 13. Project Control (Planning & Documentations)
4. Investigation & Survey 14. Commissioning ( Trail test, Start up and etc)
5. Master Planning 15. Claims Management
6. Environmental Impact Assessments 16.Inspection
7. Construction Supervision & Management 17.Training
8. Cost Control 18. Financial Services
9. HSE Management 19.Strategic management
10. QA/QC 20. International Tendering ( EPCF, BOO and BOT Schems)


provides the full range of services, required to investigate, plan, develop, design, build, maintain, management and improve national and international infrastructure projects.

We equipped with IT networks distributed throughout the offices and the latest advanced proven software, provide the state of the artistic services to the clients. They are organized under several disciplines: Architecture, Structural, Geotechnics, Hydraulic, Hydrology, Electrical/Mechanical, Process, Environmental Engineering, QA/AC and Cost Estimating.Services range from short-term specialist studies and investigations to the complete development, implementation and management of major infrastructure works to cover the previously introduced ranges.