Company Profile

Established in 1986

SAKOO is an independent private joint stock engineering consultancy company specializing in nearly all of the major civil engineering disciplines. SAKOO, headquartered in Tehran, continues the history and reputation of three smaller firms, who were merged in 1986 to form a single company owned by their senior staff. During the period of 1990's, SAKOO has enjoyed phenomenal growth to be the leading private firm serving the needs of the Iranian and International clients.

SAKOO is a client-centered company. We are dedicated to understand and help our clients achieving their goals.                                           Proof is our hundreds successfull projects in IRAN.

* Who We Are

We are a group of Iranian Engineers who aim to develop our country superstructures & infrastructures, promot its engineering and try to maintain the land, considering enviromental considerations and engineering princioles. We have started our activity since 1986.
SAKOO is one of Iran's leading engineering and environmental consulting companies.

* What We Do

Our network of engineers, architects, planners, experts, project managers and directors collaborate to improve economic and social environment of the communities in which we operate. We provide multi-disciplinary services covering the full life cycle of projects including water and power plants, treatment plants, mines, buildings, roads, transportation, marine structures and seaports.

*How We Operate

SAKOO's business model is designed to operate comprehensively and to deliver timely services locally and internationally. Today, more than 300 people work in several offices in IRAN. They are united by the core values of Teamwork, Respect and Integrity. The cornerstone of our business is our client- centered culture and teamwork-based approach known as One SAKOO

Mr. Sami Setayesh, Since 2009 served as Deputy Director and under Dr. Nobari's management,
and since 2011, Mr. Setayesh is the CEO and a board member of the "Sakoo Consulting Engineers"
to offer his talent and services to the company and to the country.
Due to Mr. Setayesh hard work and management skills, during the past 5 years "Sakoo Consulting
Engineers" has raised its position as a consulting engineer company in the private sector and maintain
its position as one of the top 10 consulting engineers companies.

                                             Board of Directors

Company Board of Member

Sami Setayesh

CEO & Vice Chairman

Company Board of Member

Hossein Z. Tavakoli