Transportations and Airports

SAKOO services of the transportation industries are offered under (1) land transportation and (2) airport and airspace analyses. Special care is taken to ensure that systems designed by SAKOO meet all requirements for technical standards and safety regulation of FAA and ICAO.
The projects include:
• Siting new highway systems
• Downtown area traffic improvement including multi-level interchanges and bridges
• Rapid transit (Metro)systems
• Airport and terminal planning
• Airport operations and airspace analyses

A wide range of analytical studies can be carried out on SAKOO's computer facilities. These range from earthquake resistant design of urban elevated highways to airside flow and simulation modeling. Other software design aids used by SAKOO include:
• Airspace Simulation Model
• Obstruction Evaluation Model
• Terminal Simulation Model
• Annual Delay Model
• Airfield Capacity Program
• Wind Coverage Model
• ILS & GPS Approach Model

• Civil Aviation Organization

• Iran Air

• Ministry of Transportation

• Tehran Urban and Suburban Subways System(Metro)

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